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Types of Salvia .....

Salvia Divinorum is a member of the mint family of which this group also has regular and familiar herbs in it such as oregano and basil. There are MANY different Salvia types, but the main one and only strain we provide is Salvia Divinorum. The plants are extremely rare and need ideal growing conditions to flourish and can only be found in the Sierra Mazatec Mountains in Mexico and some other nearby regions.

Salvia Leaf

The Salvia Leaf is an excellent starting point for salvia and is best freshly dried and imported directly from the Sierra Mazatec region of Mexico. The drying process is very important and the leaves need to have been dried in the correct conditions. When buying the Salvia leaves make sure that they have been brought in directly from the Mazatec region in order to have the best quality. We only import our salvia leaf from certifiied fair-trade growers.

By importing our salvia directly from the main growing region - we guarantee to have the freshest and most potent salvia leaf.


Salvia Extract

The Salvia Extract is one of the most common forms of the product and the most widely demanded from the consumers. In order to produce Salvia Extract the leaves need to be crushed down and concentrated in to a stronger form. It is important the process is done in the correct environment and the conditions are perfect, the best conditions are in low light and low temperature. Our product methods take much longer than the standard 'extraction methods' you will find by doing a little research around the web.

All of our salvia extracts are standardized and you should only buy standardized extracts when buying salvia. If the product is not standardized then you really do not know what you are getting as it will be different every time. And anyone making salvia extract that is not standardized is most likely making the extract at home and not in a lab - which has a whole range of issues we will not go into the details of. Just make sure you buy standardized!


Live Salvia Plants

You have to make the extract from the dried leaf which you need to get from a salvia plant. It is possible to buy Salvia Divinorum plants on the internet, however trying to find high quality ones could be a real challenge. It is very hard to create the perfect conditions so that the plant will strive and grow, the conditions the plants grow in the wild are in fertile soil conditions and in a damp, shaded and humid environment.

We contract with a hydroponic company here in the states which has a complete indoor hydroponic farm and that is where we get our plants that we sell. We mimic the weather and other conditions inside our farm to get as close to the weather in the mountains of Oaxaca to make sure we grow the best possible salvia plants that we can - right here in the states.

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